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Cake Central Magazine - Volume 3 Issue 11 - PDF


This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 3 Issue 11


  • Glitter and Gold - A Dash of Holiday Glamour
  • Something sweet - Candied Delights
  • Playful Santa Bears Gumpaste Tutorial
  • Cover Cake by Debrah Green


  • Your Slice: Cake Resolutions
  • Spotlight: Diane Fehder
  • Cakes Across America: Maine
  • Sketch-to-Cake: Alisa Seidling
  • Diary Of.. Wiley Saccheri: The customer is always...
  • Feature: Erin Schaefgen (ThreeLittleBlackBirds)
  • Dear Cake Genius:  Bubbly fondant, frozen gumpaste and melting cake, oh my!
  • Tutorial: Gumpaste Santa Teddy Bears Cake Topper
  • Business of Baking: Up in Flames
  • Ever Wonder: Sugar Plums
  • Web Browsing: The Mid-Century Menu
  • Inspiration Bites: New Year's Countdown
  • Recipes: Candied Delights
  • International Desserts: Traditional Christmas Pudding


  • Silver Shine Subdued yet shining, silver evokes a
    rustic, natural look this year
  • Gleam & Glitter The perfect amount of wedding day
    elegance and holiday glitter



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