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Cake Central Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 7 Issue 1 / March 2016


Tapestry Wedding Cakes - Inspired by the Unparalleled William Morris

Victorian Tapestry Wedding Cake Tutorial

Business Tips: Ensure Your Next Cake Consultation is a Piece of Cake

Flavor Inspiration - From Cotton Candy To Caramel

Cakes Across Florida - Cakemakers in the Sunshine State

Cover Cake By Dalila Cabrita de Peña


Your Slice

What is your favorite cake book of all time?

Diary of a Decorator

Diary of a Nightlife Caker | From far-fetched design requests to last-minute, nearly impossible orders, she has seen it all!  By Chef Mitchie Curran


A Perfect Pair | Dedicated to creating custom handmade cakes and stationery, Cake Ink is a Melbourne-based studio formed by two best friends, Janelle and Samone.


Brigitte Jórasz | Delighting in the Details

Cakes Across America

Florida | Join us as we head to the sweet Sunshine State!

Dear Cake Genius

Boxed mixes, how to properly store fudge, troubleshooting ovens, and more! By Emily Ellyn


Victorian Tapestry Wedding Cake by Stephanie Lawshe

Web Browsing

Teenie Cakes | is a stunning blog dedicated to all things beautiful, delicious and satisfying! By Alyssa Christensen

Inspiration Bites

Kids Party-Themed Cake Flavors | Say goodbye to boring cake flavor combos! By Alyssa Christensen

From the Recipe Box

French Macarons | After countless attempts, Bobbie Noto finally perfected her grandmother’s heavenly recipe. By Bobbie Noto


Victorian Tapestry | Unparalleled tapestries by the renowned British textile designer and artist William Morris.



Strawberry Thief




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