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Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 8 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 8 / August 2013



The Journey of Wine
From Earth to Bottle

Sif Jensen
Refreshing Royal Icing Traditions

Sweet Revenge
Marlo Scott Brings Drinks
to the Dessert Table

Tasteful Techniques
Creating the Perfect Sugar Wine Bottle

Spice It Up
Flavors With A Fresh Twist

Cover Cake by Danielle Lechuga


Your Slice
Drink-Inspired Delights
What’s Your Favorite Boozy Dessert?

An Artful Endeavor
Alisa Seidling incorporates her love for all things artistic through cake decorating, welcoming both the challenges and rewards of developing a new business.
By Alisa Siedling

Cakes Across America
Northern California
Greetings from the Golden State!
By Andi Satterlund

We Asked
Founder Marlo Scott brings a unique menu to the New York City bar scene with her revolutionary venture, Sweet Revenge.

Diary of a Decorator
Storage Wars
One baker’s endeavor to make a place for her passion.
By Carmela Sultana

Baking Beyond the Book
As traditional techniques return to the spotlight in the cake decorating world, talented instructors like Sif Sand Jensen are finding their skills to be in high demand.
By Andi Satterlund

Dear Cake Genius
Advice from our resident Cake Genius on firmer fondant, chocolate heels and how to make the perfect French macaron.
By Jennifer Bratko

Tasteful Technique: Sugar Wine Bottles
Whether it’s surrounded by cupcakes or nestled in a gourmet food basket, the sugar wine bottle is a unique method to try for the next special occasion.
By Fiona McKenzie

Science of Baking
Spirited Cakes
Heighten the flavor of a favorite recipe using the perfect mix of creativity, alcohol and a little science.
By Summer Stone

Web Browsing
Willow Bird Baking
This down-to-earth blog is a great find for the baker looking to try new recipes or to expand their skill set.

Business of Baking
Firing a Client
Knowing when a client isn’t the right fit.
By Erin Gardner

Ever Wonder
The Legacy of Cheesecake
Ever wonder about cheesecake’s roots?
By Justine McDaniel

Inspiration Bites
Flavors of Fall
Spice up traditional fall flavors.

Perfectly Paired
Our favorite wines and their sweet soulmates.

Recipe Box
Summertime Delights
Heather Baird shares her recipe for blackberry wine cake, infused with summer flavor and childhood memories.
By Heather Baird


A Taste For Tradition
There is a subtle romance in the art of winemaking, one that flows from earth to vine, barrel to bottle.

The acres are lush once again with endless rows of ripening fruit.

Baskets bend under the weight of the year’s bounty.

In rich tradition, the earth yields to the care and coaxing of human hands.

Steam rises, gears twist and flavors transform in a process of industrial artistry.

Tucked into the tender hands of time, wine continues its journey to matured perfection.


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