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Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 6 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 6 / June 2013

Baby Showers & Beatrix Potter

Enchanting cakes inspired by the classic tales

Peggy Porschen
on baking, design and loving cake

Alaskan Artistry
take a trip with Cakes Across America


Your Slice
Oh, Baby
What’s the craziest baby shower experience you’ve ever had?

A Taste of Fate
Gina Theffo found her calling for cake decorating by happy accident.

Cakes Across America
Welcome to the Last Frontier!

Diary of a Decorator
A Floral Adventure
An enlightening foray into the world of making gumpaste flowers.
By Katrina Knill

Perfectly Peggy
Exquisite, luxurious and entirely unique: Peggy Porschen’s work in sugar artistry.

Dear Cake Genius
The Cake Genius tackles mixing icing, extruding fondant and transporting cakes.
By Jennifer Bratko

A Banner Occasion
Cute, celebratory and a cinch to make— try this fun and trendy design for next baby shower cake.
By Stephanie Campbell

Surprising Sweets
These piñata-style cookies are the newest clever trick for gender reveal parties!
By Laura Titchener

Web Browsing
Gumpaste figures, frosted cookies and seasonal treasures await at our latest blogging find.

Business of Baking
You’re the Boss
Do you know how to prepare when it comes to hiring, training and managing your employees? By Erin Gardner

Ever Wonder
You’re Invited!
Ever wonder about the history of baby showers?

Inspiration Bites
Iced Inspiration, Classic Charm
5 Royal Icing Techniques to Know

A Versatile Vegetable
Rhubarb is a favorite ingredient usually used like a fruit, adding a bit of sweet-tart flavor to dishes.

International Desserts
Dainty Dessert
A deliciously controversial confection from the land down under


The Tale of a Very Beatrix Baby Shower
Cakes Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s Work

Chapter 1
A Special Day

Chapter 2
Among Friends

Chapter 3
A Cozy Celebration


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