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Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 - PDF



This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 1 / January 2013


  • Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Start: Nature-Inspired cakes all with BUTTERCREAM
  • Toba Garret - on teaching learning & her new book
  • 5 bottom-line business basics
  • Bratko’s BEST buttercream recipes
  • Fool Proof buttercream tutorials
  • Cover Cake by Veronica Arthur


  • Your Slice: Cake Failures
    Out of all the cakes you have ever made, which was the worst?
  • Spotlight: A Love of Learning
    One cake-maker’s journey from student to teacher. By John Quai Hoi
  • Diary of a Decorator: The Hobby of My Dreams
    A quest for the perfect passion. By Carmela Sultana
  • Feature: A Pastry Pioneer Toba Garrett
    talks about discipline, passion and teaching in the cake world.
  • Looking Back: Editors’ ChoiceWe picked three of our favorite cakes from 2012.
  • Dear Cake Genius: Cream cheese frosting, gluten-free baking and more. By Jennifer Bratko
  • Buttercream Frosting Perfection Tutorial
    How to created a perfectly smooth cake using buttercream. By Rachael Teufel
  • Palette Pretty Buttercream Icing Tutorial
    Learn to make flowers using this buttercream and palette knife technique. By Christina Ong and Valeri Valeriano
  • Science of Baking: Dreaming of Buttercream
    Take a peek into the fascinating science that makes buttercream the way it is. By Summer Stone
  • Web Browsing: Bird on a Cake
    Find themed recipes and easy tutorials at this cute blog.
  • Business of Baking: 5 No-Brainer Business TipsCreate the perfect online presence for your bakery.
  • The Secret Behind Smooth ButtercreamEver wonder what exactly is high-ratio shortening?
  • Inspiration Bites: Five Steps to Healthier BakingIdeas to make baking for yourself even better.
  • Buttercream RecipesThee useful buttercream recipes to have in your repertoire. By Jennifer Bratko
  • From the Recipe Box: Cake & CompanionshipThe sweet connection between food and familiarity. By Kristin Rosenau


  • Burst into Bloom 
    Splashes of floral colors and greenery bring fresh looks to cakes
  • Secret Garden 
    These cakes transport us to the gardens of our dreams.



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