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Cake Central Magazine Volume 5 Issue 2 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 5 Issue 2 / Mar/Apr 2014



Art Nouveau
wedding cakes

Jackie & Leanne
behind the scenes at Cake Central

Five Motifs
classic wedding cake designs

Sweet Seattle
cakemakers in the emerald city

Zesty Recipe
kaffir lime coconut cheesecake

Scientific Method
for perfect cake recipe magic

Cash is King
get control of your bakery's books

Cover Cake by Nina Notaro


Your Slice
Cake Central Obsession: What’s your favorite thing about Cake Central?

Leanne Winslow: Meet the president of Cake Central

Cakes Across America
Seattle: Rising cake stars in the emerald city

Diary of a decorator
The world at my fingertips: A self-taught cake decorator living in rural Mississippi, Kathy learned as much as she could about cake decorating. By Kathy Younes

Reaching for the top teir: Laura has acheived some amazing things in cake and aspires to do so much more. By Laura Loukaides

Side by Side: One of’s original members, sugarshack, shares the story of how her cake making and instructional DVD business grew alongside the Cake Central community. By Sharon Zambito

Jackie Shaffer: From the evolution of the website to the launch of Cake Central Magazine, here’s the story as never told before by the CEO of Cake Central.

Dear Cake Genius: Failproof marshmallow fondant, cupcake wrapper woes and cake dome dilemmas. By Jennifer Bratko

Science of Baking
Anatomy of a cake recipe: After studying these experiments, you’ll be equipped to bake a cake exactly to your desired specifications. By Summer Stone

Business of Baking
Cashflow Management: You'll learn things that could very well make the difference between operating a successful business and closing your doors forever. By Leanne Winslow

From the Recipe Box
Kaffir lime coconut cheesecake: Food blogger Joey Low shares one of her favorite Peranakan recipes. By Joey Low

Inspiration Bites
Traditional Wedding Cake Motifs: Trends come and go, but nothing can replace these wedding cake classics.


Art Nouveau: Inspired by Alphonse Mucha

Femme à marguerite

Femme Parmi Les Fleurs

La Poesie

Amethyst, Ruby, Topaz

Ilsée, Princesse de Tripoli

La Danse


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