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Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 11 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 4 Issue 11 / November 2013



Doug Vincent on being married to cake’s toughest critic
20th Anniversary of the OSSAS
Jennifer Matsubara the Grand National Champion
100+ Pages of stunning cakes
Sweetly Spiced ginger recipes perfect for the holidays

Cover Cake By: Jennifer Matsubara


Your Slice
What’s your favorite thing about the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show?

From Amateur to Oklahoma All-Star
As Kerry Vincent’s right-hand woman at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, Loydene Barrett is a key player in the cake world.

Sketch to Cake
Artistic Acrobatics
For these seasoned performers, showcasing cakes is equivalent to an opening night performance.

We Asked
Doug Vincent
Meet the southern gentleman behind the matriarch of the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

Diary of
Fulfillment in Fondant
Health complications forced Chelsi Johnston to rechart her life course at a young age, but a newfound love of cake decorating gave her a new sense of direction.
By Chelsi Johnston

Dear Cake Genius
From fabric application to fondant frustrations, our resident Cake Genius has the answers!
By Jennifer Bratko

Elegant Gumpaste Orchids
Commonly known as the “Moth Orchid,” the phalaenopsis orchid makes for a delicate addition to any elegant cake design.
By Fiona McKenzie

Science of Baking
Figuring Out Fat
Learn from our baking biochemist to master this culinary shapeshifter.
By Summer Stone

Web Browsing
London-based blogger Giulia shares her delicious adventures.

Business of Baking
The Importance of Professional Development
Develop efficient and effective ways to advance as a professional cakemaker
By Leanne Winslow

Inspiration Bites
A Sweet Feast
It’s impossible to choose between all of the season’s flavors, but with a beautiful autumn dessert spread, you don’t have to!
By Justine McDaniel

Ginger Goodness
From cookies to cocktails and sorbet to snaps, make the most of ginger this holiday season!

Recipe Box
A Family Affair
Rachel Conners’ ultra-decadent chocolate peanut butter cake is a not only a tribute to her loved ones, but also to this classic flavor combination.
By Rachel Conners

Poised to Compete: Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show 2013

Grand National Wedding Cakes
Featuring Grand National Champion, Jennifer Matsubara

Cakes We Love


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