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Cake Central Magazine Volume 6 Issue 2 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 6 Issue 2 / July 2015


Runway Lace Feminine Fashion Steals The Show

Embellished Lace Wedding Cake Tutorial

Amelia Carbine of CakeFu Takes Center Stage

Cakes Across Alabama - Join Us in the Heart of Dixie

Cover Cake by Svetlana Bayankina



Your Slice

What did you love most about your wedding cake?


Inspired by Baroque molds, Tamara Woutersen shares her journey in cake making, and defining her signature gothic style.

Diary of a Decorator

Daring to Dream By Nicholas Ang


Amelia Carbine - Mastering the Arts: From “Kung Fu” to “CakeFu”

Dear Cake Genius

Collapsing cakes, giant fondant air bubbles, and cracking cake pops. By Kaysie Lackey


Embellished Lace Wedding Cake By Elyse Rosati

Web Browsing

Cake Paper Party | Summer Stone combines a mix of delicious recipes, mouthwatering photos, fun cake designs and of course, the scientific side of cake.

Inspiration Bites

Gourmet Flavor Pairings | A few ideas for combinations, some you might not expect.

From the Recipe Box

Strawberry Shortcake | Cheri turns fond childhood memories and local produce to make a perfect seasonal treat. By Cheri Neufeld


Runway Bridal Lace

Light & Lovely

Delicate designs and whimsical shapes delight the eye.

Magical & Mysterious

Darkness is rejuvenated with light and airy designs that captivate.

Delightful & Delicate

Subdued palettes suggest tranquility and create elegance in simplicity.

Feminine & Floral

Vibrant accents alongside understated hues excite the imagination.


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