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Cake Central Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1 - PDF

This is a digital PDF download of Cake Central Magazine Volume 6 Issue 1 / Jan-Feb 2015


9 Easy steps to take your cake to the next level

Rococo Inspired Wedding Cakes

Vivian Pham's lavish cake adornments tutorial

Kennedy classic - John & Jackie's wedding cake revisited

From the recipe box - Lavender vanilla bean cake

Cardamom - an international spice to delight

Cover Cake by Albena Petrova



Your Slice

What is your most memorable cake moment of 2014?


Inspired early on by her Gramps’ cakes, Tiffany Palmer’s cake career began with her working in the bakery at a grocery store.

Diary of a Decorator

9 Steps to Take Your Cake to the Next Level. By Sonja McLean


Cakemaker and Pastry Chef Sherri Meyers has a long list of sweet accomplishments.

Dear Cake Genius

When it comes to baking the perfect cake, it’s all about the oven, from understanding baking temperatures to getting comfortable with a convection. By Kaysie Lackey


Hand Crafted Rococo Embellishments. By Vivian Pham

Web Browsing

Raspberri Cupcakes | Based in Sydney, AU, Steph (also known fondly as ‘Stephcookie’ by her followers) has an affinity for macarons, using recipes with lots of butter and sharing her love of sweets with the world.

Inspiration Bites

Elaborate Rococo Elegance | A few ideas for integrating the unique style into your next cake design!

From the Recipe Box

Lavender Vanilla Bean Cake | Kristin’s love for sweet scents and treats meet in the gentle, surprising flavors of this recipe. By Kristin Rosenau


A Wondrous Ballroom in Ivory White

Intricate adornment and details enriched with Rococo beauty.

The Natural World in Elegant Emerald

Natural beauty alongside handcrafted ornamentation.

A Splendid Sanctuary in Exquisite Plum

Stunning precision and embellished with enchanting details.


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